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On November 27, 2018, the Society voted to include past editions of the Collage of Cape County online. On May 28, 2019, the Society voted to post recent editions of the Collage of Cape County Online.

Each collage is in a searchable .pdf format. Use "control f" for "find" to search each document.

Submissions for future Collages are always appreciated and welcomed.


March 1981 (first issue!)

Bethal Church Records

Book Review

Deaths in Cape County (1883-1893)

Letters of Interest

Do You Know

How to Preserve Old Newspaper Clippings

Births in Cape County (1883-1893)

Mystery Man No Longer

How to Use Our Surname File

June 1981

Confederate Soldiers

Death Registrar

1929 (deaths in Southeast Missourian)

Chinese Proverb

Letter of Interest

Birth Registrar

Steamer Lamascotte Explosion

Publications for Sale


What Records do You Need


September 1981

Officers and Committees


The Tragic Death of Robert Jackson Campbell

Joseph C. Lewis and William Huey - Gold Rush

Old Naming Patterns


Index – County Home for the Friendless


December 1981

Joseph Lewis: Missouri Pioneer

Church Records from DAR section at Cape Girardeau Public Library

Romance of Wibert Clan (English Spelling of Wybert)

A True Story of Edgar Bock

11 Easy Steps to Kill a Society

Bible Record

Index to Volume 1

March 1982

Our Statler Family

Letters of Interest (John Randol, Jr.) Traveling west 1850's

Harris from Hamilton Co. Illinois


Missouri Land Claims (Bollinger transcription)

Union Veterans (See also book for 1890 Union Vets and Widows)

Gravestone Epitaph


June 1982


New Acquisitions

Union Veterans (See also book for 1890 Union Vets and Widows)


A Pioneers Recollection - Major Bollinger

How a Man Can Be His Own Grand-Father

Gravel Hill Cemetery

Marriages and Census


CGCGS Publications

September 1982


President's Message

The Family Tree

Zarilda J. Shaner

Portis Family Bible

Colonel William H. McLane

Cape Girardeau County Civil War Veterans

List of Acquisitions



December 1982


President's Message

Genealogy Pox

First White Resident of Cape District - Lail

Wreck of the Stonewall

Hoffman-Schemel Families

Will of Thomas G. Sheppard

1882 Scott County Business Directory

Perry County Perspective

List of Acquisitions

Portis Correction


Books for Sale

March 1983

President's Message

German Words and Their Meanings

Edgeenah Virgin of Bollinger County

List of Acquisitions

Cape Girardeau County Naturalizations

Hardy Brooks Family Bible Record

Genealogy Workshop

Bananas and Cemeteries

The Year was 1895, 1896, 1897 (Excerpts from Lutesville Mo Banner Press)


Books for Sale

June 1983

President's Message

Benjamin Franklin's Epitah

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (list of burials)

List of Acquisitions

Did you Know??

Leo Napoleon Doyle

Leo Doyle's Diary

Jacob Seback Will

The Year was 1898

CGCGS Members Publish

Epitaph for Ann Mann


Books for Sale

September 1983

President's Message

Now to Wash Clothes

Kage School—A one-room School

Missing Ancestors (Benjamin Franklin Shrum)

Letter from John Welker

List of Acquisitions

Death of Richard J. Watkins

Leo Doyle's Diary (continued)

CGCGS Members Publish

Did you know???


CGCGS Publications

December 1983

President's Letter

Genealogical Beatitudes

New Publications for Sale

News Release

Will of John Hoss (Hahs)

List of Acquisitions

Letter of William Hill to Joel and Hannah Ferguson

Guerillas burned Hamburg Catholic Church in Civil War

Letters in Post Office – 1819 (list of names)


An Old Album belonging to Elma Cox Wooten (and Genealogy Notes)

CGCGS Members Publish


March 1984

Your Name

Useful Genealogical Definitions

Missing Ancestors

Capsules of Wisdom

Last Will and Testament of William Fulbright

National Archives and Recoder Service Announcement

Jacob Doyle Diary

June 1984

Ship's Passenger List: Bark Diana, November 11, 1844

Will of Missouri Hitt Rombout

In Memory of Mrs. Louisa Deane

Jacob Doyle's Diary

September 1984

Typographic Errors

A Letter Home, Robert Eastham

Census Records

Will of Peter Bess

Did you Know?

A Day in Court: State vs. John Duncan

First Postmaster in Cape Girardeau County

Jacob Doyle's Diary

December 1984

Elizabeth Hudson Clay Watkins

Death Records

Early Settlements in Cape County, Wilkinson's Hill

Did you Know? Immigration in Cape County

Handy Hints for recording Cemetery Inscription

Jacob Doyle's Diary

Harriet Ramsey Painter

Cape County Immigrants from Brunswick

Petition for Application for Probate

How to Obtain and Search Old Newspapers

Pioneer Certificate

The bursting of the "Lady Polk"

March 1985

Letters of Heinrich Luder

Reasearching Social Security Numbers

Jesse Criddle, Deceased - Certifice Copy of Will

Will of William Ross, 1820

Excertps Concerning William Ross

MoSGA Bulletin on MO House Bill #272 concerning cemeteries

Leo Doyle's Diary

Early Settlementsof Cape County - Tilsit

A Pioneer Vocabulary

Text of House Bill 272, names of legistators

June 1985

First Seat of Justice Established in Cape in 1806

Genealogy Workshop for Beginners

Letters to Heinrich Buder

Blunt Expands Access to State Archives

Leo Doy's Diary

A Letter to Fergus Mill, written in N.C. in 1832

Records from Jasper Wise Family Bible

Bible Records from Hazel O'Neal

Nancy Ann Hunter

September 1985

1820 Census Index, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

A Pioneer Vocabulary

Concerning Enos Randol

Early Gardens in Cape Girardeau - Beer Gardens

Legislative Update - House Bill 272 Relating to Cemeteries

Leo Doy's Diary July 1897-December 1898

The Fate of German Immegrants of 140 Years Ago - Leuder Letters

First Postmasters of Bollinger County, Missouri

Early Settlements in Cape County - Oriole

Will of Henry Limbaugh

December 1985

Cape Girardeau County's Part in the War of 1812

World War I records, confederate research, Free Bill Baptists

Leo Doyle's Diary - conclusion

Cape Girardeau County Birth Registrar 1883-1893 excertps

Heinrich Luder Diary and Letters - conclusion

Missouri Archives

Early Gardens of Cape girardeau - Frank's Garden






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