Cape Girardeau County Cemeteries

1. Digital Map: Click here to view the below map in separate browser. The cemeteries are organized by township as below. Find the index on the left side of the map. The index for the embedded map below is found on the top left of the map. Markers on the map are color-coded by township.

2. Spreasheet Document. View and download the current version of the sheet for more information and directions. This document includes a photo, alternate names, township, #on the below map, #on the tombstones tour book, page number in the 1997 tombstones Inscription book, directions, GPS, Find-a-Grave link, and Billiongraves link. What a great resource!

3. Word Document. View and download the current version of the Word Document.

A big thanks to Christy Elliott for creating and maintaining these cemetery maps.


African Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery, Old Appleton
Brown Cemetery 
Byrd Cemetery II
Clippard Cemetery
Dickman Cemetery
Erley-Dambach Cemetery
Ferguson Cemetery
Fulbright Cemetery
Hilderbrand Cemetery
Hines Cemetery
Lang Cemetery
New Salem Methodist Church Cemetery
Oak Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
Goshen Cemetery
Byrd-Wheeler-Rumfelt Cemetery
Schmidt/Smith Cemetery
Shoults Cemetery
Sides Cemetery
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Arnsberg, Iowa Synod
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Dyssen-Friedheim, Missouri Synod
Tuschhoff Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery (Old Goshen Baptist Cemetery) 
Zion German Methodist Church Cemetery, Old Appleton
Bennett Cemetery
Boss Cemetery
Byrd-Delph Roberts Cemetery
Criddle Cemetery
Herzinger Cemetery
Hitt Cemetery 4
Horrell Cemetery
Howard Cemetery
Jackson City Cemetery
Koehler Family Cemetery
Mason Cemetery
Mogler Cemetery
Old Bethel Church Cemetery
Ramsey Cemetery
Russell (Willa) Cemetery
Russell Heights Cemetery
Sides Cemetery
St. John’s German Evangelical Church Cemetery/ St. John's United Church of Christ Cemetery
Thomas Cemetery
Walker Cemetery (Possibly in Shawnee Twn.)
Walker Slave Cemetery  (?Wade/)
Ware Cemetery
Woodbine Cemetery
Woodfin Cemetery
Buckner Cemetery
Byrne Cemetery
Cape Girardeau County Memorial Park Cemetery
--2315 Highway 61 North, Cape Girardeau, MO (on Kingshighway near County Parks)
Christ Episcopal Church (Where is the cemetery? It is not with the church?)
Civil War Graves
Collins-Hopper Cemetery
County Farm Colored Cemetery (We combined Colored and White Cemeteries)
County Farm White Cemetery
Cracraft-McGuire Cemetery
Davis Cemetery
Dutchtown Cemetery
English Cemetery
Fairmont Cemetery
German Evangelical Church Cemetery at Dutchtown
Goodman Cemetery
Hitt 1
Hitt Cemetery 2
Hitt Cemetery 3
Hobbs Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Horrell Grave
Horrell Slave Cemetery
Joyce Cemetery
Juden Cemetery
Keller Cemetery
Laford Cemetery
Lewis Cemetery
Looney Cemetery
Mount Auburn Cemetery
New Lorimier Cemetery
Nunn-Miller Cemetery
Old Hanover- Bertling Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Missouri Synod 
Old Lorimier Cemetery
Randol Family Cemetery
Salem German Evangelical  Church Cemetery
Shady Grove Cemetery
Slave Cemetery on Survey 191
St. Edward Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Dutchtown
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
St. Vincent College Roman Catholic Cemetery
Suedekum Cemetery – Completed
Allenville Cemetery
Allenville Colored Cemetery
Bean/Beach Cemetery
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church  Cemetery, Gordonville, LCMS
Eakins Cemetery
Gartung Cemetery
Hager Cemetery
Hayden (Gross) Cemetery
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, LCMS, Tilsit
Kinder (Keeling) Cemetery
Kinder, George Cemetery
Kothe (Kother, Eggimann) Cemetery
Sandspur Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
St. Jakobi German Evangelical / St. James United Church of Christ Cemetery,Tilsit
Summers Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery, Gordonville
Wedekind (Dunn) Cemetery
Ebenezer German Methodist Church Cemetery, Whitewater
Young Cemetery
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Gordonville, LCMS
Zion German Methodist Church Cemetery, Gordonville /Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery, Gordonville
Allen Cemetery
Bollinger Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery
Fairview Methodist Church Cemetery  
Gladish (Link, Old Proffer) Cemetery
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Haynes Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery 
Helderman Cemetery II
McGuire (Helderman, Hickory Grove) Cemetery
Proffer (Proffer Graves) Cemetery
Slinkard Cemetery
Stroder (Criddle) Cemetery
Barks Baptist Chapel Cemetery
Bethlehem General Baptist  (Crump General Baptist) Cemetery
Borneman Cemetery
Byerly Family (Church of Christ) Cemetery
Criddle (Stroder) Cemetery
Dunn Cemetery
Proffer Cemetery
Proffer/Passover Cemetery
Stroderville Cemetery
African Methodist Episcopal Church (Snider) Cemetery (Pleasant Hills Cemetery)
Baker-Kistner Cemetery
Bowman (Noland) Cemetery 
Brauckmann/Brockman Cemetery -Completed
Brooks/Hobbs Cemetery 
Colored Randol (Hitt, Penn, Randol, Williams) Cemetery
Deevers Cemetery
Eli Ervin Cemetery
Floater Cemetery
Foeste Cemetery
Walnut Grove Methodist Church / Fuerth Cemetery -Completed
Goodchilds Cemetery
Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Missouri Synod
Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery
Heuer Cemetery 2
Huey Cemetery
Iona Cemetery
Keyser (Ervin, Poe, Shay) Cemetery
Kirchoff Cemetery
Klosterman Cemetery
Krueger Cemetery
Lange Cemetery
Masterson Cemetery
Minton Cemetery, Egypt Mills
Minton Cemetery
Noland Cemetery
Norvell Cemetery
Old McKendree Methodist Church Cemetery
Randol Slave Cemetery
Schatte Cemetery
Schwettmann Cemetery
Scriptural Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, ELS/WELS
Sheppard Cemetery
Smith/Davis Cemetery
Staussing Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery, Egypt Mills
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, at Egypt Mills, Church Cemetery, LCMS
Van Gilder Cemetery
Zierath Cemetery

Apple Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery          
Born Cemetery
Draby Cemetery
Fleming Cemetery
Foster Cemetery
Lone grave 
Neu Bau, Friends of Jerusalem Church Cemetery, German Evangelival Church Cemetery
Grammer Cemetery
Hays (Hayes, Bray, Cotter) Cemetery
High Hill Church of God (High Hill Methodist Church) Cemetery
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Baby Cemetery, New Wells, Missouri Synod
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church New Cemetery, New Wells, Missouri Synod
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Old Cemetery, New Wells, Missouri Synod
Kirby Cemetery (T.B. McCain)
McCain Cemetery
McLain Chapel (Indian Creek) Cemetery
Muffler Cemetery -Completed
Neely’s Landing (Cotter) Cemetery
New Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery
Old St. John Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Pocahontas, AALC
Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Princess Otahki Grave
Rumfelt Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pocahontas, AALC
Stonewall Steamer Burial
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery of  Shawneetown, Missouri Synod
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Pocahontas, Missouri Synod

Cox Family (Green Cox) Cemetery 
Fairview Cemetery
Hitt Cemetery 5 
Kenyon/Kynion Cemetery 
Trinity German Methodist Church Cemetery (Trinity Methodist Evangelical Church, Little German Church ) Cemetery  
Wondel Cemetery
Baker Cemetery
Caney Fork Baptist Church Cemetery
Deck Cemetery  
Estes Cemetery
Gladish (Link, J.VK.) Cemetery
Kurre Cemetery
Kurreville Lutheran (Maintz) Cemetery
Mayfield Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Niswonger Methodist Church Cemetery
Old Caney Fork Baptist Cemetery
Old Niswonger Cemetery
Old Salem Methodist Church Cemetery
Riehn Cemetery
Schmidt Cemetery
Snider Cemetery
Wilkinson Cemetery

Wise Cemetery




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