The Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society would like to recognize people who lived in Cape Girardeau County. These people helped make Cape Girardeau County into what it is today.


We invited anyone to submit biographies of Cape Girardeau County ancestors to our website. If you would like to include your ancestors in our biography collection, please note the following:

1. Send us a writing of approximately 500 words on anyone who lived in Cape Girardeau County. Do not write about or include any information on or photos of living people. Submit your writing by email in Microsoft Word or you may type it directly into the body of the email to

2. We welcome a digital image of your ancestor. We reserve the right to edit the image to change it to website size. Although we desire only one photo per person or couple, if necessary to tell the story, additional photos will be accepted. Please keep it to a minimum. It is possible we may not include all images submitted.

3. Include your name (and the author of the writing) as it will be published.

4. Do not send any written works or photos that are copyrighted. Anything taken from the internet, including photos of tombstones, are a violation of copyright unless it is your own writing or photo.

5. You do not need to be a member of our Society to submit material.

6. By submitting your material, you give Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society the right to edit your writing and photo for publication, and you grant us permission to use and publish your material.

7. Only one biography per person or couple. If you did not write the originally submitted material and would like to add additional information, it will be accepted and added below the the first writing.

8. Donations also accepted and appreciated. Mail them to P.O. Box 571, Jackson, MO 63755.


Include as much information as possible, such as:

A. Complete name, including maiden names

B. Dates and locations of birth

C. Parents names, including maiden name of mother

D. Arrival date, if not native born

E. Spouse's name, date, and location of marriage

F. Names of children

G. Residences

H. Occupation(s)

I. Military service

J. Organizations belonged to

K. Church or synagogue of which was a member

L. Death date, location, and cemetery

M. Significant achievements

N. Other important information


Biography Index

Kent, Pearl and Manna




The Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society was organized in May 1970, a non-profit organization, its primary purpose is education in the field of genealogy. Membership is open to individuals upon payment of the annual dues of $10, or a couple for $15, per year, beginning in May. Life membership is available for a one-time payment of $250.

CGCGS publishes a quarterly "The Collage of Cape County" in March, June, September, and December, sent free to members. All members are encouraged to submit articles for publication.


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The CGCGS Library is located in the Research Room at the Cape Girardeau County Archive Center, 112 East Washington, Jackson, MO and is open during regular Archive Center hours. Our meetings are held at The Cape Girardeau County Archive Center, 112 East Washington in Jackson MO, bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September, and November on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00 p.m., unless announced otherwise.


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