September 1984



Postmaster: Post Office

Emons, Daniel C: Allenville

McLean, John: Apple Creek

Clodfelter, ___: Appleton

Revelle, Davis W.: Arbor

Tacke,___ Arnsberg

______: Bainbridge

Hatcher, Mary W.: Barroll

Davis, Chesley B: Bee

Hoppe: Henry: Berlin

McBridge: George: Blomeyer

Bowman, Henry: Bowman

Burford, Solomon H: Burfordsville

Howard, Henderson W: Byrd

___________:  Cape Girardeau

Walker, William W.: Circleville

McBride, George: Cousinville

Neff, John L.: Craft

Lancaster, John H: Crump

Dunn, William W: Daisy

Highes, John F: Delia

Morrison, Charles S: Deray

Oneth, Michael: Dutchtown

Sheppard, Elisha: Egypt Mills

Smith, Matthew: Flat Rock

Stewing, Henry: Friedheim

Scaldwell, Robert L:  Fruitland

Schell, (not entered): Germantown

Kerstner, Claus: Gordonville

Burford, Anson D.: Gravel Hill

Kinder, William F.: Gravel Road

Young, James: Greens Ferry

Hendricks, Charles F: Hendricksville

Hose, Augustin: Hickory Ridge

Hilderbrand, Daniel: Hilderbrand

Ulrich, Charles: Houck

Witter, Erastus: Iona

Campbell, Daniel: Jackson

Kurre, Henry: Kurreville

Lane, Mary: Laneville

Haile, Leemon: Leemon

Dunn, John: Legard

Campbell, James A: Lovejoy

Miller, John J.: Millersville

Liles, Ebenezer C.: Moccosonville

Robersen, Joseph: Mockersonville

Harris, Robert: Neely's Landing

Ude, Augustus: New Wlls

Wilson, John: Oak Ridge

Schnurbusch, Joseph F: Old Appleton

Witter, Erastus: Seemorn

McCrea, Clark: Sharpsboro

Wilson, Gilbert S: Shawneetown

Hines, Edwing: Sheffield

Hoppe, Henry: Solado

Nussbaum, J.J.: Stroderville

Kipping, Louis: Tilsit

Vancil, W: Vancil's Landing

Vancill, Samuel: Vancill's Landing

O'Brien, Martin S.: Vogel

Laird, John W: Whig

Miller, Andrew: White Water

O'Brien, Philip M: Whitewater


AREA FOOTPRINTS, Volume IX. May 1983, Number 2



The Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society was organized in May 1970, a non-profit organization, its primary purpose is education in the field of genealogy. Membership is open to individuals upon payment of the annual dues of $10, or a couple for $15, per year, beginning in May. Life membership is available for a one-time payment of $250.

CGCGS publishes a quarterly "The Collage of Cape County" in March, June, September, and December, sent free to members. All members are encouraged to submit articles for publication.


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