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Our next meeting will be March 23 at 7 p.m., via Zoom. Join us for an interactive program, "Extracting the Most from an Estate File," presented by Bill Eddleman. In a few days, we will be providing access to a pdf file containing documents from an 1821 estate file, and a link to probate law in effect in Missouri in 1821. The meeting program will be going through the steps in probate, the associated documents generated by probate, and what you can glean from each document. Zoom should provide us the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and share insights into using estate files for genealogy!

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The document contains a link to the law in effect in Missouri for estate administration in the 1821 time period. You will have to click on the document at the link, then scroll down to find the "ADMINISTRATION" law. The remainder includes selected documents from the estate papers of John Whittenburgh, who died in 1821. No information on where or how he died, but he lived in Cape Girardeau County, and his estate was administered here. If you wish to do anything in advance of the meeting, look at the documents, and ask these questions: Who is mentioned in the document, signed it, and witnessed it? What is the document, and what is the role of each person mentioned in it? What does it tell you about the deceased and their family, if anything? When was the document transacted, and when was it signed (if the date differs)? The documents are NOT in date order, and you might notice how they fit in sequence. Where was the document transacted?



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